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  Manutenzione - overhaul of the pedestal
20 Gennaio 2020 - 15:58
  CLA16883 Registrato il: 13 Gennaio 2020
Posts: 1
  overhaul of the pedestal  
  Good moorning. i need help for my swan 37 AEGIR :During this winter I had the steering pedestal partialy dis-assembled in order to overhauled the internal components. My Swan has the original steering pedestal but the trim tab is not operational anymore. The shaft and associated gears appear to be reasonably robust and should not require any replacement, but the bushings sound to be worn out causing rotational friction to the steering. The problem is that I could not completely dis-assemble the shaft.
Do you have any suggestion or the original cross-section drawing from Nautor? Thanks, Claudio

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